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ECBA Certification Training

Entry certificate in business analysis (ECBA)

Entry certificate in business analysis (ECBA) is an IIBA certification to help you become a business analyst. Techcanvass, being an endorsed education provider (EEP) offers this ECBA certification course to help you meet the eligibility criteria.

Designed as a completely practical and hands-on course, it will help you master industry accepted practical business analysis skills like UML Modelling, SQL, User Stories, SRS preparation etc.

The hands-on and interactive training will help you crack the business analyst interviews as well.

Key features of this business analyst course are:

  • • ECBA Certification preparation
  • • Requirements Gathering and SRS
  • • UML Requirements Modelling
  • • UML Modelling Tools
  • • Agile Projects & Requirements Handling
  • • SQL Basics
  • • ECBA Test Simulator(950+ questions)
  • • Course Certificate
  • • Resume assistance

CBAP Online Training CBAP Online Training

Learn more about CCBA Certification Training or CBAP Certification Training.

Why To become Business Analyst

The average salary of entry level business analysts is INR 489,416 as per payscale.com in India.

The average salary of entry level business analyst is $ 51,000 to $ 62,000 in the US (Source: Ziprecruiter, Zippia and payscale)

IIBA certifications are the most reputed certifications for business analysts in the world

Why ECBA Certification Course from Techcanvass?

Job Readiness assistance

Resume enhancement, One on one interview with expert

Learn formal BA Skills

Learn all the formal business analysis skills

Free Question Bank

950+ Questions,
5 Full-length Test simulations

ECBA Study Guides

Practical BA Guide &
BABOK Revision Guide

ECBA Study Material

Techcanvass provides the following study material and question bank to all the participants, who join this course. These study materials along with other resources are available as part of TechEdge, our LMS portal

Business Analyst Career

Business Analyst Handbook

A practical guide to business analysis practice written by our Founder Abhishek Srivastava. The book covers topics like SDLC, elicitation techniques, UML Modelling, Agile Methodologies and SQL.
You will get an e-book in your LMS. You can also ask for a hard copy at an extra fees.

Business Analyst Career

BABOK v3 Revision Guide

A simple to revise version of BABOK v3 guide by IIBA.
We have simply picked up the key sentences and concepts from BABOK guide for a quick revision.

Download Sample Chapter

Business Analyst Career

ECBA Mock Tests (950+ Questions)

ECBA practice test series is an exam simulator for ECBA certification exam. Unlimited knowledge area wise tests and full length tests are features of this test series.

Take a Free trial

Course Preview

ECBA Course Overview
Functional vs Non-functional Requirements
Requirements gathering challenges
Introduction to SQL Joins

Course Syllabus

This business analyst course is designed with two key objectives. One, to prepare you for the role of an entry level business analyst. Two, to prepare you for the ECBA Certification. The course syllabus has been designed keeping in mind these two objectives.

Getting Started

• BA Role & responsibilities

• Need for a Business Analyst

• Skills of a Business Analyst

• Course Introduction

Introduction to BABOK v3

• Introduction to BABOK Guide v3

• ECBA Preparation Strategy

• Business Analysis Core concepts Model

• Business Analysis Planning and monitoring

Problem Solving & Analytical thinking

• Problem Solving methodology basics

• Root cause Analysis case study

• Problem Solving methodology Part - B

• Decision Making with case study

• Generic Problem Solving Exercise

Understanding Software Development Process

• Software Development process-Non-IT Prof

• What happens during software development

Software Development Methodologies (SDLCs)

• Types of SDLCs

• Waterfall Model

• Incremental SDLCs

• Agile Methodology

Knowledge area- Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

• Introduction

• Tasks of this knowledge area

• Chapter quiz

Concept of requirements

• Concept of software requirements

• Types of requirements - BABOK v3

• Classification and Prioritization - Detailed

• Class Exercise - I

• Class Exercise - II

Knowledge area- Elicitation and Collaboration

• Elicitation and collaboration Knowledge Area

• Exploring BRD Document

• Stakeholder Analysis and Management

• Requirement Elicitation Techniques

Knowledge area- Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

• Knowledge Area - Requirements Analysis and Deisgn Definition (RADD)

Requirements Modelling with UML

• Introduction to UML

• Use Cases & relationships

• Use Cases Modelling Tool

Class Example - Use Case Model

• Understanding & writing scenarios

Class Example - Scenarios

• Activity Diagrams

• Tool for activity diagrams

Class Example - Activity Diagrams

• Introuction to Prototyping

• Prototyping tool

Class Example - Prototypes

Data Modelling

• Data Modelling basics & Techniques

Class Example - Creating Datamodel for a project

Business Analysis Tools

• Use case Tool

• Activity Diagram Tool

• SQL Editor from Oracle

Preparing SRS Document

• Creating SRS Document

Handling Requirements in Agile Projects

• Need for Agile

• SCRUM methodology & roles

• Artifacts in Agile Projects

• Handling Requirements in Agile Projects

Class Example - Flight Booking Portal

Knowledge area- Requirement life cycle management

• Introduction

• Tasks of this knowledge area

• Chapter quiz

Verification and Validation

• Introduction to Requirements Lifecycle Management Knowledge Area

• Requirements Management

• Requirement Traceability Table

RTT Demonstration

SQL for business analysts

• Database System Concepts

• Data in modern World

• Data types and attributes

• Using SELECT

Class Examples

Knowledge Area - Strategy Analysis

• Introduction to Strategy Analysis

• Tasks of Strategy Analysis

Chapter quiz

Knowledge Area - Solution Evaluation

• Introduction to Solution Evaluation

• Tasks of Solution Evaluation

Chapter quiz

Project Assignments

Project Assignment - I

Project Assignment -II

Course Duration & Details

This Business analyst course is offered as classroom training in Mumbai. The batches are conducted over the weekends.

You can also join this business analyst course online, which is an instructor-led training with live interactions.

Classroom Training

(Center : Mumbai)

  •   6-weekends Classroom Training
  •   24-hrs PDUs
  •   TechEdge Portal Access (1-year)
  •   All Sessions Recording

TechEdge Portal

  •   2 Course Projects
  •   Practice Assignments

  •   Chapter wise MCQs     
  •   More Resources

ECBA Book & Study Guide

  •   Business Analysis Guide (Hard Copy)
  •   BABOK v3 Revision Guide (Hard Copy)

  •      (Hard copies of books)


  •   Co-branded IIBA and Techcanvass Certification
  •   EOC Test and Projects completion

ECBA Question Bank

  •   650+ Questions
  •   30-Days Access (Value 45 USD) Free
  •   3 full-length simulations

Course Fees

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[GST Extra]

$ 230

$ 256

(10% OFF)

Live Online Training

  •   6-weekends Live online Training
  •   24-hrs PDUs
  •   TechEdge Portal Access (1-year)
  •   All Sessions Recording

TechEdge Portal

  •   2 Course Projects
  •   Practice Assignments
  •   Chapter wise MCQs     
  •   More Resources

ECBA Book & Study Guide

  •   Business Analysis Guide
  •   BABOK v3 Revision Guide

  •          (e-book, not downloadable)


  •   Co-branded IIBA and Techcanvass Certification
  •   EOC Test and Projects completion

ECBA Question Bank

  •   650+ Questions
  •   30-Days Access (Value 45 USD) Free
  •   3 full-length simulations

Course Fees

(Please Select Currency)


[GST Extra]

$ 192

$ 213

(10% OFF)

Self Learning Course

  •   Actual Class Recordings     
  •   24-hrs PDUs
  •   TechEdge Portal Access (1-year)
  •  Chapter wise sessions, quizzes & exercises

TechEdge Portal

  •   2 Course Projects
  •   Practice Assignments
  •   Respective Chapter wise Quiz
  • More Resources

ECBA Book & Study Guide

  •   Business Analysis Guide
  •           (e-book, not downloadable)


  •   Co-branded IIBA and Techcanvass Certification

ECBA Question Bank

  •   Combo offers with Question Bank available

Course Fees

(Please Select Currency)


[GST Extra]

$ 99

$ 116

(15% OFF)

Course Projects

Mobile Banking Project

Retail Internet Banking Mobile Application

With demonetization and growing digital transactions, a large commercial bank wanted to launch a full-fledged mobile retail banking application with buil-in secutiry features, anticipating high usage. The mobile app will have all the retail banking features like funds transfer, balance enquiry, bill payments etc. In this project, you will learn to create product backlog, user stories, estimate using story points and participate in sprint planning meeting.

Business Analyst Training Project

Insurance Project

Businesses need to evolve with improvements in technology to reach new efficiencies, and remain competitive. The client, a large insurance organisation, briefed Business Analysts Pty Ltd (BAPL) to assist them in the implementation of a new system that would underpin their financial support functions.

Certification of Competency in ECBA


(click to zoom in)

At the end of the course, you will be eligible for a certification of competency in ECBA, based on an online multiple choice questions (MCQ) test, conducted by Techcanvass.

Upcoming ECBA Batches

Time Zone:

Start Date Days Timings
10-Aug-19 Sat - Sunday (EDT/PDT/IST) 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
15-Sept-19 Sat - Sunday (EDT/PDT/IST) 10:30 AM - 02:30 AM ( IST ) Classroom Training
12-Oct-19 Sat - Sunday (EDT/PDT/IST) 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
17-Nov-19 Sat - Sunday (EDT/PDT/IST) 10:30 AM - 02:30 PM ( IST ) Classroom Training

ECBA Certification and Course FAQ

What is ECBA certification?

Entry certificate in business analysis (ECBA) is an IIBA certification designed for entry level business analysts. This certification helps in showcasing your skills to the employers. This certification does not require any prior experience as a business analyst.

Will this Business analyst course help me in becoming a business analyst?

This course has been designed to help you get started as a business analyst both with ECBA certification training as well as practical business analyst skills training. The course modules have been chosen keeping in mind the skills required for a new business analyst. See the answer to the next question.

What is the fees for this business analyst course?

The fees for this business analyst course will include the training fees at Techcanvass as well as IIBA certification fees. The training fees is payable to techcanvass whereas the ECBA certification fees is payable to IIBA directly.

Do I get any certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a course completion certificate, once you finish the course. This certificate is provided to you for all the courses.

What is the duration of this ECBA Certification course?

The duration of this Course is 6 weeks with weekends classes. However, if you choose to take the ECBA certification training with domain modules, the course will be of 9 weeks duration. Techcanvass offers domain training in Banking Investment Banking, US Healthcare and Trade finance

Is the ECBA certification worth it?

The value of this certification comes from two factors - It is conceptualized and conducted by IIBA, which is a reputed business analysis certification body, recognized by the industry. Second factor is the relevance of the course syllabus to the entry level business analysis skills.

What is the ECBA certification eligibility?

As per IIBA Website, the eligibility criteria for the ECBA certification:

  • • Minimum 21 hours of Professional Development Training in the past four years.

  • • Signed Code of Conduct.

Please note that you don’t need to have any experience for becoming eligible for ECBA certification

What is the ECBA certification fees?

The ECBA certification fees comprises of two parts. The non-refundable application fee, for non-members, is USD 60 and the examination fee is USD 235. The application fees remains the same for IIBA members also. However, the exam fees for IIBA members is USD 110. Please refer to the IIBA Certification pricing page for latest updates to the fee.

What is ECBA exam format?

The ECBA® exam is 1 hours long and consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The questions are basic multiple choice that test the candidate’s knowledge and understanding defined by the competencies for this level 1 certificate in the IIBA Certification Framework. The guiding book is the BABOK v3.The ECBA exam can be taken from your home. PSI conducts these tests. You can schedule a test through the following link : PSI Website

Do you provide any projects in this ECBA course?

Yes, We will actually give you two projects. You get sufficient time and guidance to complete the projects so that you gain hands-on skills.In addition to that, there will be regular assignments given to you for practice, based on examples demonstrated in the class.

Is this business analyst course meant for beginners?

Yes, this is an entry level business analyst course with entry level certification from IIBA. The course covers all the skills relevant for entry level business analysts.

Do you provide any ECBA Study Material, if I enrol for this course?

Yes, We actually provide a BABOK v3 revision guide in addition to a pratical business analyst guide. Most importantly, we also provide ECBA certification test simulator comprising of 700+ questions.

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Career Guidance by Our Experts

Business Analyst Career

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The best thing is that its completely FREE, no obligations!!!!! Just drop in your details and we will set your appointment with our experts. Fill in this career guidance session appointment form.

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Student Testimonials


Sadhana R,Functional Consultant,Sonata Software

Firstly, A Big Thanks to the Training and support team of Techcanvass! As an IT professional stepping into the world of Business Analysis, I happened to do lot of research on BA certifications and trainings online before I came across information regarding Tech canvass. There was lot of information coming in from the internet.

I was looking at ECBA certification and wanted my basics strong in the field of Business Analysis. Today, I'm happy to realize my efforts seem to have been really worthwhile in selection of right trainers and I feel I am in the right place.
The guidance and trainings have been very methodical, and the training materials are easily accessible. The course structure and content is very much in line with the BaBOK guide which made learning more easier and effective. Also to mention about the BaBOK Revision guide, the structure and content is really useful for revising from ECBA Exam standpoint. As I'm looking at taking the ECBA exam shortly, I hope to maximize my learnings and cracking the mock tests with the help of Exam Simulator. Hopefully that helps me in cracking main exam with precision. Looking forward to using the exam simulator.
Coming to the support team, they have been very helpful in answering queries and concerns. Thanks to Brijesh and Nazni for their quick responses in solving queries and doubts. And certainly thanks to trainer Abhisek sir for the invaluable guidance and support.
I would certainly recommend to any one looking to enter field of Business Analysis / BA certifications OR looking to have a strong foundation in the field of Business Analysis.
And undoubtedly, it is 5 STARS Rating for all the efforts taken by the Tech canvass team in striving to achieve excellence in terms of keeping the trainings and course syllabus and structure competent and current.

Read More

Ahmed Samir

Very good course for both understanding & exam. I like their very good follow up with the projects corrections & explanations, which made learning experience more alive. The website interface is nice & quick loading. And the price is very reasonable & competitive to the rest many online courses. I live in Germany & I find Techcanvass has a very competitive edge vs. local training parties.


Rajat Sadana

Awesome classes with full practical knowledge and test series helps me a lot in cracking the ECBA exam in first go. Thanks to Abhishek sir for his guidance and support.


Harishkumar Chettiar, Assistant Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services, Singapore

I would like to thank Techcanvass and its complete team for taking good care of me through out the course and being flexible with me w.r.t. schedule and content of the course.

I had opted for an online course in Techcanvass through Skype when I was in Sydney, Australia. Satisfaction level was above my expectation as credit goes to Abhishek Srivastava,who is not only the head of Techcanvass but also a master in BA course work who is not only sharp with his practical examples but someone who encouraged discussion through out the course. With 8+ years of experience in IT I had good enough background of how BA works as my experience was widely distributed Technically as well as functionally in Banking domain. But Abhishek made sure that he tailor made the course for me so that I get what I want and we don't waste time in things that I already know. Abhishek has a very high command on his communication and and has a very clear picture on the various Business Analysis aspects theoretically as well as practically with his vast experience in IT field. Off the course he has always been available with his valued expertise and knowledge and his ever ready nature of helping in need. It has also been great to read the blogs and articles issued by Techcanvass thorough LinkedIn as they are useful and also gives you a road-map for this ever changing dynamic field of IT.I would also like to thank Shiwangi who made sure that I had a smooth on boarding process within Techcanvass and also with regards to my sessions and there timings.I would highly recommend Techcanvass to anyone who is interested in making a career in Business Analysis to join BA sessions online or in classroom as it has the best mentor that I have come across and also the content provided are up to the point which can be completely related to work. Thank you Abhishek and the complete team of Techcanvass

Read More

Abhijit Biswas

Wonderful experience with tech canvas, course structure is elaborated and concepts are wonderfully explained. The exam simulator is very good and helped me crack Ecba certification at one go. Thanks to techcanvas

Course Review by Student

Sujal Mishra

The classes are actual way of implementing BA that we get through certification. The staff and trainer are very helpful and supporting. The course material as well as portal access covers the content needed to do the certification.


Krishnan Bhattacharjee

The course was great! Helped me pass my ECBA certification and understand the concepts clearly. Shrivastava Sir is very patient and takes his time in explaining the concepts and topics.

Course Review by Student

Rajeev Masawan, Business Analyst, Infogain

From day one i have never regretted choosing "Techcanvass", it has exceeded my expectations and motivated me to choose a profession as a business analyst. I would highly recommend to gain knowledge and skills from "Techcanvass" and make a career in IT Business World.


Akanksha Namdeo

I have taken ECBA certification training from the TechCanvass. It was really excellent. Training was up to mark , even there was no delay in the time. The training would start exactly on the scheduled time, there was no lagging.

The faculty is really awesome. Abhishek Sir has done a great job.

He has covered the entire topics as per the BABOK , and also shared some of his life experience as a Business Analyst, which are really helpful and provides practical knowledge.

A great thanks to Brijesh. He is always there to help the students and put all of his efforts to do best for them.
I highly recommend Tech Canvass to everyone. If you are looking to do something good and want to make the use of your studies then Go ahead with Tech-canvass. Good luck!!

Read More

Rahul Joshi

I enrolled for ECBA course online mode from Techcanvass. First of all a big “Thank You” for delivering such a fantastic course. The content was great and relevant for me with good structure, elaborated case studies, mock tests, class Videos and well managed examples.

In short, the training has a well balanced theory and practice with concepts clearly and professionally explained. The trainer Abhishek Sir, is very knowledgable and enthusiastic and made training both interesting and enjoyable. I will certainly recommend the course to all aspiring to take up the role of Business Analyst in the world of Business Analysis. I equally thank the non-teaching staffs Brijesh and Nazni, for rendering a timely help in resolving issues encountered during the training sessions. I wish Techcanvass all the very best for its bright future in the field of spreading knowledge.

Read More
Course Review by Student

Neha Taurani

The training was nice. Learned a lot about the importance of BA in organization and what is the task done by BA's in company. Lots of practical example were given by the trainer to make us clear in every aspect.

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