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Most popular ECBA Resources

The most popular ECBA tutorials, articles and videos this month are listed below.

5 things to do to become a business analyst

This short video discusses the 5 steps to become a business analyst. This strategy is applicable to IT as well as non-IT professionals.

Moving from a developer to a Business Analyst

This short video will help understand the strategy and the roadmap to move from a developer to a business analyst role

Moving from Sales to Business Analyst Role

How can you become from a Sales or Business development role to being a business analyst?

Moving from tester to Business Analyst

How can you become a business analyst from a testing role?

Business Analyst Certification

Business Analyst Certification Training (ECBA)

The recording of the first session of Business Analyst certification course (IIBA ECBA).
This video will help you understand everything about the ECBA certification as well as basics of business analysis

Entry level business analysts Resources


Business Analysis fundamentals PDF

This e-book will help you understand the basics of business analysis, role of business analyst, skills of a business analyst with the help of a case study.

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A list of free business analyst training online

This article lists down a list of free business analyst training online. These courses are mostly video based except one of the them, which is text based.

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Entry level business analyst interview questions

Are you going for a business analyst job interview? What are the typical entry level business analyst interview questions? In this post, we are presenting some important questions.

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ECBA Exam mock test

In this post, we are providing a mock test for ECBA exam questions. These ECBA questions are based on BABOK guide version 3 and are taken from our ECBA Exam simulator.

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What is the passing score in ECBA Certification?

This is one of the most commonly asked question for everyone, who is intending to take up IIBA ECBA Exam.

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Know everything about ECBA Certification

Entry certificate in business analysis (ECBA) is a business analyst certification for beginners. This certification is awarded by International institute of business analysis (IIBA).

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ECBA Exam preparation strategy

ECBA certification exam is based on IIBA BABOK guide version 3. This book is big and can be intimidating for many specially if you are new to business analysis.

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Is ECBA Certification worth it?

I want to become a business analyst but have no IT experience. I have heard about the ECBA Certification from IIBA, which is an entry level BA certification.

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