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Abhishek Srivastava, Founder Techcanvass

Abhishek Srivastava is a seasoned IT professional with diverse experience in Banking, Insurance, Utility and Education domains. Managing large accounts, Program management, & Business Analysis has been his forte, having done so for customers like ICICI Bank, NTPC & many other International customers.
In the past, he has been associated with companies like Mastek and 3i Infotech Ltd (erstwhile ICICI Infotech Ltd). An NIT (Erstwhile REC)/IIM Kozhikode graduate, now as an entrepreneur, he is pursuing his dream of creating an organization for providing quality training in the fields of Business Analysis & Automation Testing.
His other areas of interest are Business Analysis consulting and taking guest lecture at engineering and management colleges.

Books authored by Abhishek Srivastava

Software Testing: A practical approach This concise text provides an insight into practical aspects of software testing and discusses all the recent technological developments in this field including quality assurance. KEY FEATURES : Provides real-life examples, illustrative diagrams and tables to explain the concepts discussed.

ERP to E2RP A Case Study Approach is a comprehensive and well-organized book that covers the wide aspects of ERP and E2RP. It presents general implementation methodologies as well as specific methodologies prescribed by Oracle and SAP for the implementation of their products. The book contains few sample business processes that are mapped with the help of ERP product screens.

An interview with India Infoline by Sudhir Raikar

"As an entrepreneur, I dream of creating a vibrant training hub of quality content and robust learning methodology which ultimately helps IT professionals move up the value chain. " says Abhishek Srivastava"

Abhishek Srivastava is not your everyday entrepreneur. He is one of those few passionate innovators who relish the pain of trials as much as they cherish the pleasure of triumphs.
The failure of his debut venture, far from impairing his entrepreneurial vision, gave him a whole new perspective that saw the birth of Techcanvass, a Mumbai-based software company into Health care and Technology Training solutions. His never-say-die spirit is worthy of adulation and emulation for the umpteen professionals of IT sector who mistake green cards for their identity cards. In this Q & A with IIFL’s Sudhir Raikar, he unfolds the value proposition of his new venture.

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