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Selenium 3.0 Training with Python

Course Overview

Techcanvass’s Selenium 3.0 certification training with Python is designed to help you master Selenium 3.0 suite using Python language. Python is a structured and easy to learn programming language.

The course will help you in getting proficient with Python basics, Selenium 3.0 suite, web driver, PyUnit, PyTest, data driven testing, frameworks etc.

This is a hands-on course, where conceptual sessions are conducted together with practical sessions. You can try out python code and Selenium scripts in the class itself.

Why the Selenium 3.0 Training with Python Certification Course from Techcanvass?

Hands-on Training

Every session comprises of concepts, demos and practice.

Weekends course

Classes on Sat & Sun.

Syllabus aligned with Industry

Covering POM, Page Factory, TestNG etc.


Project and multiple business processes automation.

LMS Portal

TechEdge portal with learning resources.


Selenium 3.0 Certification (Online Test).

Course Demos

Introduction to Python
Selenium automation testing with Python

Course Syllabus

This classroom and online training course is designed to help you master Python and Selenium 3.0 suite. The course syllabus has been designed to cover the latest and most relevant topics.

Introduction to Selenium

• Introduction to Selenium

• Introduction to Automation Testing

• Scope of Selenium Training

• Why Automation Testing

• Introduction to testing Lifecycle

• Introduction to Selenium components

• What was Selenium 1.0 & 2.0

• What is Selenium 3.0

• Selenium 1 V/s Selenium 2 Vs Selenium 3

• What is web driver?

• Why Web Driver?

Installation and setting up environment

• Installation of Python and PIP

• Downloading and setting up Selenium

• Installing Python IDE (PyCharm or Eclipse plug-in or PyScripter)

• Configuring the environment

Python Basics part-I

• Python program structure

• Elements of python language

• Running first program in python

• The Python Interpreter

Class Exercises & examples

Python Basics Part-II

• Introduction to data types

• Control Flows

• Functions and Variables

• Data Structures

• Lists & More

Class Exercises & examples

Python Basics Part-III (OOPS Concept)

• Classes

• Names and Objects

• Inheritance

• Iterators

• Generators

• Python Standard Libraries

Python Basics Part-IV

• Errors and Exceptions

• Modules

• Input and Output

Selenium IDE

• Installing Selenium IDE

• Recording Script

• Running, Pausing and debugging Script

• Running a script line by line

• Inserting commands in between script

Verifications and Assertions

• Introduction

• Verification and Asserts

• When to use verify and when to use assertions

• Extracting values from a drop down

• Echo, StoreEval and StoredVars Demystified

• Regular expressions usage


• What are locators

• Types of locators

• Examples of using Locators

• Advantages and disadvantages of using locators

Web Driver Part-I

• Introduction of Web Driver

• Download & configuring Web driver

• Architecture of selenium web driver

• Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome, I-phone, Android

• First Selenium Code

• Introduction to basic commands like get/navigate

• Exception Handling in Selenium

Web Driver Part-II

• Working with web page elements/Controls

  • o Dropdown

  • o Listbox

  • o Radio buttons

  • o Multi-select box

  • o Date picker

  • o Combobox widget

• Introducing wait - implicit and explicit wait

• Handling different browsers - Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browser

• Taking screenshots

• Handling Java script alerts, confirmations and prompts

Web Driver Part-III

• Working with Windows, Tabs and Frames

• Working with static and dynamic Web tables


Web Driver Part-IV

• File Upload and Download

• Working with Proxy APIs

PyTest Framework

• Introduction to PyTest framework

• Installing PyTest

• PyTest Fixtures

• Running multiple tests using PyTest

• Generating Test report

PyUnit Framework

• Introduction to PyUnit framework

• Installing PyUnit

• PyUnit Annotations

• Test case creations/running

• Assertions/ Reporting Errors

• Reports in PyUnit

Class Exercises

Data Driven Testing

• Reading and writing data from Excel

• Writing automation scripts to use excel data

Example and Exercises

Page Object Model (POM)

• What is Page Object Model (POM)

• Concept of Object Repository

• Need for POM

• Page Factory

• Implementing POM

Example and Exercises

LIVE Project

A Project assignment will be handed over to you towards the end of the course.

Additional Module

Automation Framework Basics

• Introduction to Automation Frameworks

• What is Data Driven framework?

• What is Keyword Driven framework?

• What is Hybrid Framework?

Introduction to Maven

• What is Maven?

• Purpose of Maven

• Installing Maven

• How to use Maven

Introduction to Jenkins

• What is Jenkins

• Why it is used?

• Installation and configuration of Jenkins

• Backups in Jenkins

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

• What is Continuous Integration?

• Need and application for Continuous Integration

• Plugins in Jenkins

• Setting up a Jenkins Job

• Manage Jenkins Job

Course Duration & Details

Techcanvass offers live online training classes for selenium with python.This training is available on the weekends for any part of the world.The timings for different time zones are shown in the upcoming batches section.
You can also opt for self learning course,which comprises of actul online class recordings with chapter wise test,source code download and exercises.

Python Selenium

  • Live Online Training

  • 7-weekends Course
  • LMS Portal Access - 1 year
  • Competency Certificate
Selenium Coverage
  • Selenium 3.0/4.0 Framework
  • Automation Testing Frameworks
  • Course Projects with Solutions
Python Coverage
  • Python Basics Included
  • FREE - Java Practice Book with solutions

Course Fees

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[Installment Facility Available]

[GST Extra]

₹ 12,400

₹ 14,400

(₹ 2,000 OFF)

Python Selenium

  • Live Online Training

  • 9-weekends Course
  • LMS Portal Access - 1 year
  • Competency Certificate
Selenium Coverage
  • Selenium 3.0/4.0 Framework
  • Automation Testing Frameworks
  • Course Projects with Solutions
Python Coverage
  • Python Basics Included
  • FREE - Java Practice Book with solutions
Advance Edition Inclusions
  • Jenkins and Continuous integration with Jenkins
  • Working with GIT, Maven and Jenkins
  • API testing with REST Assured
  • FREE - DevOps Basics self-learning course included

Course Fees

(Please Select Currency)

[Installment Facility Available]

[GST Extra]

₹ 14,400

₹ 17,400

(₹ 3,000 OFF)

Python Selenium

  • Actual classes recordings

  • Structured into topics & chapters
  • Practice exercises
  • Course Completion Test
  • LMS Portal Access - 1 year
  • Competency Certificate
Selenium Coverage
  • Selenium 3.0/4.0 Framework
  • Automation Testing Frameworks
  • Course Projects with Solutions
Python Coverage
  • Python Basics Included
  • FREE - Python Practice Book with solutions
FREE with Self-learning course
  • Jenkins and Continuous integration with Jenkins
  • Working with GIT, Maven and Jenkins
  • API testing with REST Assured
  • FREE - DevOps Basics self-learning course included
  • FREE - BDD Basics self-learning course Included

Course Fees

(Please Select Currency)

[Installment Facility Available]

[GST Extra]

₹ 3,900

₹ 4,900

(20% OFF)

Upcoming Batches Schedule

Time Zone:

Start Date Days Timings
24-Aug-19 Sat - Sunday 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
21-Sept-19 Sat - Sunday 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
19-Oct-19 Sat - Sunday 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training
23-Nov-19 Sat - Sunday 07:30 AM - 09:30 AM ( IST ) Live Online Training

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Selenium course syllabus?

This python selenium 3.0 course covers Python basics, Selenium 3.0 suite, Advance Web driver, Test NG framework, Maven, Data driven testing, POM, automation framework & Jenkins.

Can I get into Selenium automation testing, as I have no programming background

This is the most common question, we come across. Learning a programming language is more about having the ability to build logic. Building logic and algorithms is a matter of thinking logically and we are sure that most of us can think logically.

Remembering the syntax and language constructs is not a big challenge as you don't need to memorize. The tools are quite intuitive and you can also make use of search engines.

Having said that, it's always challenging and overwhelming in the beginning. But our trainers have all been in the same boat as you. They were once manual testers and are now working in MNCs as selenium automation testers. So they understand your pain points and teach accordingly.

Will I get any certificate after completing this course?

Yes, you will get a certificate after the completion of the course. There are two certificates.

The course completion certificate is issued to every one.

In addition, we also provide a proficiency certification in Selenium 3.0 after you appear and clear the Proficiency assessment test in Selenium 3.0 (PATS).

Will it be a practical hands-on course? How will the lab sessions be conducted?

This is a completely hands-on course. We don’t have separate lecture rooms and lab. The classes are conducted in the lecture-cum-lab rooms and you will be doing hands-on exercises along with the lectures throughout the course. The trainers will explain the concepts, will show you how to write code. After that, you will need to write the code in the class under the trainer’s supervision.

Will there be any project, which I will be working on during the course?

Yes, you will be given a project to work on, which you can finish with the course. You can also take some more time and submit after a couple of weeks as well.

Is there any difference between online and classroom training?

There is no difference between selenium online training and selenium classroom training. The profile of the trainers are the same and the class is conducted on a web meeting platform, where you can interact with the trainer in real time.

Is there any recognized certification for selenium?

Certified Professional – Selenium Automation Testing (CP-SAT) is the only recognized certification in selenium. This certification is prepared and honored by “Agile Testing Alliance” & “University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)”.
Techcanvass has a detailed article on CP-SAT Certification. We also offer a specialized course for this certification. Visit Selenium certification course page to know more about the course.

Does the Online training comprise of recorded sessions or it is real-time interactive training?

The live online training is a real-time trainer-led training program, where you can interact with the trainer and ask questions.

However, we also have a self-paced course, which will comprise of actual live online training sessions (recorded and divided into chapters for easy understanding). You will also have email support for solving your queries any time.

Will there be any reference material given to us?

We will be providing a reference book to you, based on recommendation from the trainers.

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Student Testimonials


Rajnish Kumar, Pune

Thanks for the nice and informative course. Got to learn a lot. Educator helped a lot in all the doubts and took care that we did hands-on and cleared the doubts.


Sarojini sahu

Thanks for providing such a useful session for Automation testing for Selenium. I really appreciate the way of teaching and sharing of knowledge. Basically the practical/theoretical sessions are really good as it covers all the scenarios and modules.
Again thanks for the training session.
Good luck!!


Anumeha jha

Training and trainer both were awesome. Concepts explained properly with good examples. Trainer helped to resolve all the queries we had. Overall good experience. Learned selenium. Able to work on small projects.


Pallavi Patil

I had done selenium course from Techcanvass; the entire Selenium course is in line with the current industry need and certification.
The training is the most comprehensive and organised one.
The study material provided was good.
Supportive staff.
Highly recommended.


Vinay Vora

Excellent course in Selenium and advanced selenium at tech canvass powai. Teaching staff were up to the mark and brijesh sir is always helpful.


Shamika More

It was nice experience with the Techcanvass pawai institute. I completed Selenium automation course succeesfully. All teaching staff and teaching style is excellent. Thank You Techcanvass. :)

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