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ECBA Certification exam simulator

ECBA practice Tests | 950+ Questions | Detailed Reporting

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The ECBA exam simulator is a simulated ECBA practice tests platform. The questions in this question bank are based on IIBA BABOK guide version 3. You can practice with knowledge area wise tests and once you feel confident, then you can take up full length ECBA tests for maximum benefit.
The ECBA question bank used for this simulator has more than 950 questionsand is calibrated well for a first attempt success. As per IIBA website, ECBA exam questions are not evenly distributed across the knowledge areas.

ECBA v3 Exam Coverage

This ECBA question bank is based on BABOK v3 and is aligned with ECBA v3 exam pattern. This question bank is designed by ECBA v3 certified professionals.

The weightage of each of the knowledge areas is as shown below (Reference: IIBA ECBA Blueprint)

  • Business Analysis planning and monitoring - 5%
  • Elicitation and Collaboration - 20%
  • Requirements Life cycle management - 20%
  • Strategy Analysis - 5%
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition - 24%
  • Solution Evaluation - 1%


This ECBA exam simulator comes with multiple useful features to assist you in your exam preparation endeavor.

Practice with chapter wise tests

Learn and practice with chapter wise tests and gain expertise

Answers with explanations

Check your answers and learn why your answer is incorrect?

How are you doing?

View your performance for previous tests and know your weak areas

Time for Full length tests

Now, it’s time to check your speed and accuracy for the final exam

ECBA Question Bank Packages

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15 - Days Access

$ 25 $ 30
GST Extra
For ultra intensive readiness check
  • 650+ Questions
  • BABOK v3 compilant
  • Knowledge areas/Chapter wise tests
  • 3 Full-Length simulated tests
  • Answer with explanation
  • Performance Reporting

30 - Days Access

$ 35 $ 45
GST Extra
For intensive readiness check
  • 750+ Questions
  • BABOK v3 compilant
  • Knowledge areas/Chapter wise tests
  • 4 Full-Length simulated tests
  • Answer with explanation
  • Performance Reporting

60 - Days Access

$ 52 $ 70
GST Extra
For Comprehensive readiness check
  • 850+ Questions
  • BABOK v3 compilant
  • Knowledge areas/Chapter wise tests
  • 5 Full-Length simulated tests
  • Answer with explanation
  • Performance Reporting

150-days access

$ 65 $ 100
GST Extra
For Ultra Comprehensive readiness check
  • 1000+ Questions
  • BABOK v3 compilant
  • Knowledge areas/Chapter wise tests
  • 6 Full-Length simulated tests
  • Answer with explanation
  • Performance Reporting

ECBA Self-learning + Question Bank + Study Guide

  • ECBA Self-learning Course (Worth $116)
  • ECBA Question Bank 60-days access (Worth $60)
  • ECBA Study/Revision Guide (Worth $54)
Please note ECBA Revision guide is in e-book format and cannot be downloaded
(Want a hard copy, write to us)

Fees Details (GST Extra)


₹ 10,850

₹ 16,100

( 5,250 Off )
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  • Free Trial

    ECBA Question Bank FAQs

    We have answered some of the commonly asked questions about the ECBA Question bank and simulator

    Is ECBA Certification meant for beginners?

    Yes, it is designed for any one new to business analysis. This certification is applicable for:

    • • Fresh graduates

    • • Experienced professional but with no experience as a business analyst

    What is the format of ECBA Certification exam?

    ECBA Certification exam is a multiple choice questions (MCQ) test. The duration of the ECBA™ exam is 1 hours. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. There is no negative marking so you must try all the questions.

    What is the syllabus for ECBA Certification?

    ECBA Certification is based on IIBA BABOK v3 guide. BABOK has six knowledge areas covering the competency of business analysis. It also defines underlying competencies and techniques. BABOK guide is also applicable for CCBA and CBAP Certifications. The ECBA certification coverage is less than CCBA and CBAP certifications. IIBA has defined the following weightages of knowledge areas for ECBA Certification:

    • • Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring – 5%

    • • Elicitation & Collaboration – 20%

    • • Requirements Life Cycle Management – 20%

    • • Strategy Analysis – 5%

    • • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 24%

    • • Solution Evaluation – 1%

    What is ECBA Certification exam cost?

    ECBA Certification exam fees is USD 295 (USD 60 as application fee and USD 235 as exam fee), if you are not an IIBA member. IIBA members have to pay USD 170 (USD 60 as application fee and USD 110 as exam fee). IIBA membership fees depends on the region. India comes under region 3 and the membership fees is USD 55. United States of America is in region 1 and the membership fees is USD 125.
    You can check the fees for your country by visiting the IIBA membership page:
    IIBA Global membership fees

    How can I take the test?

    You can take this test anywhere and don’t need to go to any centre. These exams are conducted by PSI.



    Shatakshi Agrawal

    Techcanvass test series helped me gain confidence in cracking my ECBA certification exam! The questions in the mock meet quality standards! Happy to recommend techcanvass to all the prospective candidates!


    Sandeep Kumar

    Exam simulator is good tool, this improved confidence before taking the exam. It helped me to pass my ECBA certification exam.


    Mica T

    Thank you so much for your help!
    I have always got such prompt responses to my questions and the exam questions you offer on your website have been so helpful.

    I am the first person from my organisation to have studied for the ECBA recently and I have many people asking me how I am doing it - I have been sharing about how wonderful TechCanvass is and my boss would like me to present to the wider team about how I studied for the test to share that knowledge with others too.
    I'm thrilled to say I passed my ECBA exam too! Thank you!
    I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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    Sujal Mishra

    The classes are actual way of implementing BA that we get through certification. The staff and trainer are very helpful and supporting. The course material as well as portal access covers the content needed to do the certification.


    Rajeev Masawan

    From day one i have never regretted choosing "Techcanvass", it has exceeded my expectations and motivated me to choose a profession as a business analyst.

    I would highly recommend to gain knowledge and skills from "Techcanvass" and make a career in IT Business World.

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    Swachchatoya Bannerjee

    The overall experience from Techcanvass was excellent. ECBA Test Series helped me to pass my ECBA certification examination. I would definitely recommend it to my peers. Wish you all a great success. Thank You.


    Rajat Sadana

    Awesome classes with full practical knowledge and test series helped me a lot in cracking the ECBA exam in first go. Thanks to Abhishek sir for his guidance and support.


    Ahmed Samir

    Very good course for both understanding & exam. I like their very good follow up with the projects corrections & explanations, which made learning experience more alive.

    The website interface is nice & quick loading. And the price is very reasonable & competitive to the rest many online courses. I live in Germany & I find Techcanvass has a very competitive edge vs. local training parties.

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    Krishnan Bhattacharjee

    The course was great! Helped me pass my ECBA certification and understand the concepts clearly. Shrivastava Sir is very patient and takes his time in explaining the concepts and topics.


    Yousif Suliman

    ECBA Test Series was very useful. I benefitted a lot from it and passed the exam. I will recommend it to my friends for sure.